Some of our Leaders:

Len Tang

Project Leader

Len is the lead pastor of Missio Community Church ( in Pasadena, which is focusing on the Caltech community. Len’s parents were scientists at Caltech and JPL, and he has a degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and an MDiv from Fuller Seminary.

Bijan Nemati

Lead Scientist

Bijan is an astrophysicist with a PhD in Physics who has worked as a Senior Engineer at JPL for 15 years. He has been studying and speaking on the relationship between faith and science for many years, and is a frequent guest speaker to the Christian student groups at Caltech. 

Jonas lippuner

Caltech Grad Student

Jonas is a Caltech PhD student in theoretical astrophysics and is the president of the Graduate Christian Fellowship at Caltech. He is one of several students who have given from their limited time to support this project and help shape our vision. 



The Science And Faith Examined project is made possible by the support of an award from the Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries (STEAM) project at Fuller Theological Seminary and by a grant from the Moore-Hufstedler Fund.

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