Is Alien Life Likely

What can science tell us about how likely we are to find extraterrestrial life? What happens if we do?

Our speaker was Dr. Nemati, formerly a senior optical engineer at JPL, is now Principal Research Scientist at The University of Alabama. His research spans the fields of high energy physics, stellar interferometry, and advanced optical instruments. He is currently investigating methods to detect and image extra-solar planets.


    Dessert FREE for Caltech students, faculty, & staff
    A talk by a scientist
    A conversation about how likely is alien life


      Date: February 3rd, 2018, from 6:30-8:30PM
      Location: Dabney Hall at Caltech (map)


      This event will begin with dinner and some time to meet others interested in the topic. Then our conversation will be kicked off with a talk by our distinguished speaker and a short Q&A. Then we will gather in groups of 8-10 to ask questions and share our own perspectives on the issue.