How Do We Decide?

Can science answer every question? Is all reliable knowledge scientific?
These are questions that are much debated among philosophers of science. And they are harder to answer than you might think.

Our conversation was kickstarted by a talk from a very well-informed source on the issues: philosopher, Dr. Edward Feser.


    Dessert FREE for Caltech students, faculty, & staff
    A talk by a distinguished scholar
    A conversation about the power of science


    Dr. Edward Feser is a professor of philosophy at Pasadena City College and an author on topics of philosophy who has published many books and academic articles. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California at Santa Barbara, an M.A. in religion from the Claremont Graduate School, and a B.A. in philosophy and religious studies from the California State University at Fullerton.


    This event will begin with dinner and some time to meet others interested in the topic. Then our conversation will be kicked off with a talk by our distinguished speaker and a short Q&A. Then we will gather in groups of 8-10 to ask questions and share our own perspectives on the issue.